Our Massage Staff. Click to view.Traditional Thai Massage

60 minutes, 300 Baht
90 minutes, 375 Baht

Thai massage has several holistic benefits. Improves blood circulation. Improves lymphatic fluid circulation. Invigorates the nervous system. Relieves pain and muscle tension. Facilitates relaxation and stress relief. Alleviates migraines, numbness, and back pain. Increases flexibility of the joints. Strengthens and rejuvenates the body.

Herbal Compress

90 minutes, 550 Baht
120 minutes, 600 Baht

This is a combination of special herbs that improve blood circulation and alleviate muscle tension.

Sport Massage

60 minutes, 400 Baht

This intensive massage helps the recovery of injured or overstressed muscles.

Oil (Aromatherapy) Massage

60 minutes, 300 Baht
90 minutes, 450 Baht

A full body massage using oils which soothes and calms the nervous tension and alleviates a number of common ailments such as insomnia, jet lag, hangovers, and headaches.

Foot Massage (Reflexology)

60 minutes, 300 Baht

Oriental foot and hand massage, known as reflexology is an ancient art of healing which works on the principle that the body's organs are connected by energy channeled to pressure points in our hands and feet. This reflexology treatment concentrates on these delicate areas of the hands and feet. The therapist uses traditional techniques to apply pressure to these points to stimulate and balance the body.

Body Scrub

90 minutes, 600 Baht

These cleansing and purifying scrubs are particularly suitable for removing the dead outer skin layer. They eliminate impurities and restore radiance to dull complexions. The skin regains its fresh, clean complexion and glows with health.

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